These days who doesn’t use software of one type or another? Anyone that uses a computer uses software. Anyone that uses a smart phone uses software applications. There are so many to choose from how do you know which one is right for you? There is an endless sea of opportunities to try before you buy software so why not start there?

Freeware is something else entirely. This type of software allows you to use the software without buying it. It is completely free to use. Some freeware may not have all the same options as a paid version and others may come with an option to upgrade for more features. Some have taken to labeling some software as freeware when it is in fact trialware.

Trialware, demoware, and shareware give you an opportunity to try the software before you are required to purchase it. Many trialware versions of software limit your options and some limit your usage in ways that make it quite difficult to see the full scope of the software you are trying to decide whether or not to purchase. They simply don’t want to give the product away for any amount of time and feel that limiting certain options will force the prospective customer into making a purchase.

Personally, if a software maker offers a trialware version that limits my options and features I shy away and keep looking. I have to be pretty desperate to try software that does not do all that I need it to do, but I have been there a few times in the past. I try to limit those types of ventures now. I love trialware and freeware that actually works! Give me something that gets the job done and then I might actually decide it is worth the money to keep using it or upgrade to a paid version.

There are a few websites that try really hard to make the choice easier for us but beware those sites are not about to buy you a new computer if you download something bad. Many of these software download sites allow software makers to link to an outside source for downloads and that could spell trouble for some. I like to save and scan everything that comes into my pc but even that is not foolproof! Buyer beware, or in this case perhaps it is tryer beware!

Make sure that you do your homework in checking out the website listing the software and the software’s website/creator. If no such information is available then you may proceed at your own risk. My favorite trusted download website is CNet. They try to keep out the bad software and actually review a good majority of the software listed on their website. That is they try to evaluate it for us then post their findings in an informative review. They also warn you when you may be downloading from an external website. Users of the software post reviews as well so you can really get a good handle on what the software actually does and doesn’t do.

I don’t like reviewing a product unless it is exceptionally good or exceptionally bad, these types of reviews I believe are worthy of my time and effort. I will on occasion take the time to review a product that has no listed reviews but that is seldom as I tend to try only software that has been tried by others. Yes, I am leery of what I download.

So, everybody needs antivirus software. There are plenty of freeware versions around but watch out for hidden software that is included in the freeware product. Many companies have seen this as a way to make money from their freeware versions and many people have been complaining about disabling boxes that do not disable these add-ons. Funny thing is that the antivirus software that allows these applications to piggy back their way into your pc will not remove them. You may find you are all of a sudden being targeted with an abundance of pop-up ads and text linkage after you downloaded a program to keep such at bay!

Freeware and trialware are great but make sure you do your part to keep your pc safe. Friends may recommend software that they themselves are unaware contains adware, spyware or viruses so make sure you run anything you download by your antivirus application before you open and install it. Keep your antivirus software up to date with the latest definitions and use good common sense.



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2 responses

18 09 2014
Firefly Computer Repair

Thanks for the blog post. If we use it we’ll make sure we link back to it.
This clarify’s a lot of information that our computer repair clients ask us on a weekly basis. Thank you 🙂

14 10 2015
Candy Adams

Glad to help. 🙂

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