Zazzle Stores

28 12 2015

Have you ever been searching for the perfect gift and not been able to find it? You search for days through an endless array of the same old stuff until you end up settling for something that is barely adequate because you cannot find what is in your mind! You feel inadequate, lost in a virtual sea of mundane gifts at prices that are anything but mundane! You want something unique and stylish, not the run of the mill boring things you find. If there was just one place that could offer style and value, not to mention quality! Sadly you will again resign yourself to giving a gift that is almost as good as what you wanted. Just imagine the joy that perfect gift could give, that gift that clearly shows how you really feel!

But wait! There is a place where you will find stylishly unique quality gifts at a fair price! I should know, I have several stores with the company! There are thousands of stores where you can shop, all from one place online! You heard right! Online, where you don’t have to waste your time and energy running from mall to mall endlessly searching for that gift that you will never find. That is until you go to Zazzle!

Zazzle has been around for years but maybe you have not heard of it before. Zazzle is an online based super store! Zazzle has countless stores run by artists and offers a wide variety of products with unique and stylish designs!

When you visit Zazzle use keyword searches or shop by item categories. You will be amazed at the originality and customization available! Many items have several customizable features which ensure that your gift will indeed be a one of a kind unique find! There are thousands of artists waiting to show you their brilliant works of art! Yes, there is even wall art available!

In my Zazzle stores you can shop by store category for different designs to see what products a design appears on. If you find a design you love but it just is not on the product you want you can special order the design on almost any product free of charge by emailing me with the handy contact link in the store! You are not obligated to purchase anything at anytime, even when you special order specific products!

Now you never have to give a boring gift again! You never have to spend days and days at the malls looking at everything that is not quite what you wanted! Search for funny or humorous gifts if that is your choice or go for something more elegant! Zazzle stores have it all from abstract to zebra stripes! Looking for a romantic gift, Zazzle has got romantic gifts! Like customizable items, Zazzle has plenty of customizable items! There are electronics and personalized clothing, home decor items and games, kitchen and office products, automotive and pet items! The list goes on with far too many items to list here!

Original artwork and photography is displayed on a wide variety of products at reasonable prices. You can easily create your own work of art or shop thousands of stores all in one place! Shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the convenience of your favorite easy chair! Find stylishly unique gifts and items to brighten your world every time you shop at Zazzle stores!

The merchandise is high quality and most items are customizable with an infinite number of background colors to choose from, image rotation, image resizing, text, and different styles! The customize tool is easy to use, fast and fun!

But wait! That’s not all! Think the prices at Zazzle stores are great, they get even better when you check the promotional page here! Zazzle loves sales! There is always something on sale so check often and sign up for their exclusive email offers!

Come in and see the new designs I have created! Don’t see the design you want on a specific product? Contact me with your request! You can shop from home when you have the time, any time of day or night and you don’t even have to put your shoes on! Come see how easy it is to decorate your world with Zazzle products and cdl designs!


Know Before You Go

24 03 2013

Planning a trip? Naturally you will want to enjoy your stay and I am sorry to say that if this is your wish you simply must do your homework first. Reading this article is the best thing you can do to ensure your stay will be a pleasurable one. Trust me, chances are you will regret it if you do not. Hospitality companies just want your money, they do not really care how they get it so long as they get it. Take a look at the links that show up when you search Google with these parameters: hotel star rating misleading. Go on, don’t be timid, click the link and educate yourself.

Customer reviews are you best source of accurate information. If you stayed at a terrible hotel you would probably be inclined to want to vent about it and tell others what to expect just as much as if you had the time of your life and truly enjoyed your stay. Not everyone has the same experience though and you need to carefully weigh the reviews you read. If you read a few bad reviews and still decide to take a chance at least you are an informed customer and this could provide you with some leverage. You definitely will know more than you already do about the hospitality industry.

Every time you click a link on one of the travel sites they earn a kickback for your business. They really do not want to tell you that over half of their listings are for sub-standard lodging. They will up a bad hotel’s rating with false and misleading information, even fake reviews that speak to the wonderful dream stay we all are seeking. A one star room becomes a three star room, a two star room becomes a four star room with a click of a mouse. Who will know the difference, most will not, and once they have your money they do not care what type of room you will occupy.

Hotels will tell you that they are giving you the best rate possible but that is not exactly true. Their best rate is indeed their best rate for the hotel. In other words it is actually their highest rate, what is best for the hotel and not you the customer. If you want the best rate for you then you must request that they provide you with their “lowest rate”. Just a little play on words but it can cut the cost of your stay in half.

Heaven forbid that you miss your check in date because that can result in charges that can mount into the hundreds of dollars. Most hotels will allow you to change your reservation up to as little as 24 hours hours in advance. So if your plans change and you can no longer take the trip when you planned to simply call and ask to change your reservation to a later date. Trip has been canceled indefinitely? No problem. Once you have changed your reservation date call back and cancel the reservation. Just this simple little trick avoids the outrageous cancellation charges the hotel would normally charge you for the loss of your business. They do not care about your bank account or circumstances they only care about generating income by whatever means possible.

You could easily equate the hotel industry with a bad used car salesman. He would never hesitate to sell you a lemon or pad your bill, he is in business to make money for himself and this is his only concern. Bad press does not deter him, he combats it with misinformation, falsehoods and blatant lies. When you checkout you want to carefully consider all your charges. Ask for an itemized list of charges before you agree to pay. This will give you the opportunity to dispute and unfair and erroneous charges. You should never see a charge for missing towels as most hotels take into consideration the fact that you may take a towel with you to the pool and simply forget to return it to you room. Most hotels simply do not have a towel count that they maintain and supposedly they do not want to risk alienating a customer over an allegation of towel theft. Many unscrupulous hotels will pad their bills with movie rental charges and mini bar usages. Did you actually watch three movies or was it just one movie, did you actually drink the mini bar down to 50% of its normal stock or are they assuming you will pay the bill without an itemization of charges?

Many times hotels simply assume you will watch three movies or more because many occupants watch at least one movie. You may have watched one movie and an error in the software caused it to restart a number of times resulting in multiple charges for the same movie. Hotels assume that because the mini bar exists you will take advantage of it and of course there is always a chance of human error as well.  A housekeeper may not realize that the previous staff failed to restock the mini bar resulting in erroneous charges on your bill that you will pay unsuspectingly if you do not request an accounting of the individual charges prior to paying. Most companies will allow you to dispute charges after payment is received for a limited amount to time but they do not make it easy for you to do this. Once you have reached an agreement as to the corrected charges it can take months for you to receive your refund of the erroneous charges.

Beautiful pictures are not all they seem to be and there is more than meets the eye when it looks like a great place to stay. Most of the imagery you will find online and in brochures have been staged and Photoshopped. Pools look wide and deep until you are standing next to them and notice that they measure 6 feet wide by 10 feet long and upon wading in the water is only a few feet deep. There is nothing illegal going on here it is simply a staging pool. A staging pool is a pool designed basically to enhance an area, it is not designed for swimming and most definitely not for diving into. Location is near all the areas of interest may indicate that you will be staying close to a major busy and noisy streetway. Blue skies could be hiding something ominous like a power plant smokestack,  railroad, airport, or other undesirable element that has been cropped out of the picture. A little research can yield a plethora of surprises that could make or break your plans for an enjoyable and relaxing stay.

Check in and check your room. Baseboards and window sills should be included in your survey of the room in addition to the linens. If you are a novice traveler you probably would never think to invest in or take a battery operated black light with you but it can save you time and assure your room is clean and sanitary. Pulling back the covers and turning off the lights could yield more than just a good night’s rest. Believe it or not many vacant rooms are utilized by staff members looking to “hook-up” for a quickie and even if you room was not used for such an activity you still could be in for a shock. Many linens are littered with stains from bodily fluids and may not have even been washed. Check your towels as well. Your towels could contain unsanitary stains due to improper cleaning and these stains may not be easily seen by the naked eye, it may require a black light to make them visible. Your baseboards, carpet edges and window sills should be free of all debris and insects. The same applies in your bathroom and shower. Shine that black light on the toilet and surrounding floor to reveal even more of what could be lurking in your hotel room. Do not assume that just because it looks clean that it is. You may have been given the use of real glassware. Lovely shinny spotless glasses may have been cleaned with furniture polish and a less than clean towel. Most objects that are available in the room never leave the room to be cleaned and will be cleaned with whatever  is available. Take advantage of the plastic covered cups instead. There is no rule that you cannot carry your own disinfectant and clean your room with it but you should not have to do this. If your room is not satisfactory take your complaints to the front desk immediately. Ask that the room be cleaned again, ask for a new room or even a refund if you feel it is necessary. You are paying good money and do not deserve to be uncomfortable. Most reputable companies will not hesitate to accommodate your requests.

You should always strive to be courteous and fair as you could find yourself labeled by staff and this could affect your stay at more than the current hotel. There is a secret labeling system known only to hospitality staff to identify big spending tipping patrons and cheapskates. “FOB” stands for “Favorite Of Ben” and applies to the good tipping hotel clients while “PITA” stands for “Pain In The Arse” and is used to secretly identify those customers who complain frequently and do not tip the staff. These labels can follow you within the hotel chain and further if hotels share their information outside the family. In such a case there is little you can do but appeal to the front desk staff and request that your rating by staff be judged and reassessed by your actions during your current stay. The hotel staff most times will not acknowledge such a rating system but if you appear genuine in your concerns of an unfair staff rating they may be open to changing such if they see that you are not a trouble maker and are generous in your treatment of staff members.

Beware of taxi drivers called by the hotel on your behalf. They may arrive quite speedily but the same may be obtained by calling the taxi company yourself ahead of time and well in advance of your event. These drivers called by hotel staff often charge more and may even pay a fee to the hotel staff for calling them. The same may apply to hotel staff recommending a restaurant. Staff members may have a prearrangement with local establishments where they receive a fee for sending clients their way. While dining at the recommended restaurant you could be given a ‘special’ menu where your entrées are priced higher than normal which will offset the kickback fee paid to the hotel for generating your patronage. What you don’t know can and may very well  hurt you.

The Tutorial Wave

20 03 2013

Have you ever wanted to know more on how to do something? If you are like most people of the computer age you would turn to your trusted search engine of choice and fumble through the results perhaps choosing a free video tutorial. Most of us have watched one or two on a subject at one time or another.

Undoubtedly if the speaker sounds as if he understands the material and is entertaining as well as informative you would be more inclined to view more of said person’s instructional guidance videos. What if the tutorial narrator constantly pauses as if needing to collect his thoughts or looses his place and trips over his own tongue repeatedly in between colorful expressions normally given to those of a less than adequate vocabulary? Imagine now that the speaker is only recording a mere six minutes of such a disaster as if he knew your limitations would not exceed such a time frame. In addition the subject matter consists of an explanation of just one small portion of a section of the material you would like to know more about. You might compare the content value of this video tutorial to that of one word from a paragraph from a whole book several hundreds of pages long, in a series of volumes numbering in no less than double digits. Would you consider it worthy of your time? Would you feel confident that the speaker could actually teach you something or would you absolutely and completely lose all confidence in the speaker and find yourself utterly perplexed by the 200,000 or so views? Well after suffering through the most recent half a dozen such attempts at video instruction I find that it is not only rational to assume but fact of a growing trend online now and you are no one unless you have an equally worthless attempt at instruction.

I have been there a few more times than I would have liked. Normally I am a patient person but I fear that even my poor long passed mother, the saint of patience that she was, would find it outrageously ridiculous and absurd not to mention a complete waste of time not only to view such an atrocity but also the creation of such an obviously useless effort. I do imagine that such must afford the creator some sense, however misguided, of pride and lend value to their otherwise pitifully mundane existence.

Imagine if you can that there are hundreds of these so-called tutorial videos available from just this one speaker on practically any subject you can imagine, and millions of other such speakers online offering the same unproductive and noneducational material. Yes Victoria, anyone can make a tutorial video and pretend they are a teacher with practically no knowledge of the subject to which they speak. Such is the computer age as it presently stands. It is such a pity that the time these individuals willfully and wantonly waste in such efforts to bolster their egos could be better spent reading a book to their children, helping their spouse with the laundry, continuing their own education with an authentic instructor, or any of a thousand more productive endeavors.

These individuals have no concept of the futile uselessness of their ineffective meager attempts at fame having no doubt given up on the dreams of fortune long ago. To a person of average intelligence and less these frivolous attempts to gain notoriety are inspirational, and another star is born! To those of us with slightly more under our hats it is a sad tradeoff for all the vastness of truly informative information that abounds all around us via the internet. Don your snorkel and dive right in because you will have to do a bit of swimming through this ever present muck in the ocean of tutorials in order to find those pearls of wisdom today. Yes, they do exist and you can actually locate a few if you are tenacious enough not to be deterred by the country bumpkin playing school house without all the rocks.

Yes my dear Victoria, you can actually still find informative tutorials by educated instructors that actually have knowledge pertinent to the subject but you must employ you super powers of deduction, reasoning and common sense. Ascertain in the first minute or two if the material is of a level you desire, ignore the page views and other such irrelevant and misleading statistical data. Concentrate instead on the tutorial length, written description and the intro to the subject matter. If the speaker is not well versed and articulate you will need to decide rather quickly by means of the well written description and length of the video as to whether this one might be of some value to you and not simply an utter waste of your precious time. Make it a point to recall the name or at least the image associated with poorly constructed tutorials so that you may automatically avoid them in the future. You have thousands of free tutorials available to you in any particular subject of interest so why waste your time with those that simply waste your time.

I suggest that you create an account in YouTube if this is where you find yourself hunting tutorials and I have no doubt that you will. YouTube is the largest repository of tutorials both good and bad, and all in between. An account, which takes mere minutes to set up, will serve you well in your tutorial seeking endeavors saving you both time and sanity. There are links under each YouTube video which enable you to save the video to a list to view later or a folder which serves the same purpose. If you are new to YouTube let me assure you that it is not hard to find your way around and in no time you will feel quite at ease with your folders and playlists of video productions.

Once you find a worthwhile tutorial save the video in a folder with a simple name easily understood by yourself and any of the public you may care to share it with. Feel you cannot filter out the bad ones because your memory isn’t what it used to be and they keep popping up? Add a rubbish folder and stuff the bad ones into it for future reference of what not to waste your time with, be sure to describe the uselessness briefly in the folder description so people viewing your saved videos will know that the videos are substandard. Now you have saved a few worthwhile tutorials and you are ready to grab a sandwich and some tea and start your studies all from your carefully selected educational tutorials. Naturally you will also want to create some folders for amusement and entertainment after your tutorial studies and it is no problem to do this with all the tools you need directly below any video of interest.

If school was this much fun you would never have played hookey! So off you go now armed with the new found knowledge that you can efficiently paddle you way through the ever growing sea of tuts effortlessly now that you have all the right tools and my swift kick in your keester! Off with you now, go learn something!


Email Hacked

18 03 2013

One of the best favors you can do for yourself, and for free, is to add yourself to your email contact lists. Many of us already have at least two email accounts but if you do not I would strongly suggest that you create a second email account.

Treat your other email accounts as if they were a friend’s email account. Send an email to yourself in every email account you use then add your new “friend” to your email contact lists. When your email account is hacked, usually for the purpose of sending spam to all of your contacts, if you are a contact in your contact list the chances are great that you will be notified of the illegal activity by yourself. Often it is rather difficult to know when your email account has been compromised unless a friend or contact happens to notice that the email they received from you isn’t quite like your others and becomes suspicious enough to inquire or for some reason your email provider notifies you of suspicious attempts to log into your account.

Yahoo is notorious for having a problem with compromised accounts although they try to protect users with information and added security measures. Perhaps because the Yahoo web-based email accounts are so popular amongst the general populous the information thieves find it more lucrative and appealing to conduct their illegal activities there. You would like to know as soon as possible if you have fallen victim to these unscrupulous vandals and Yahoo is pretty good about informing you when your IP address does not match or has changed.

So you wake up one day and head to the inbox only to find an email from yourself that you did not send. Your very next step is to sign into the account that generated this email and promptly change your password. You should be able to come up with a pretty good and easy enough to remember password if you apply a tiny bit of thought to it. Think of a phrase like ‘Pizza Is So Scrumptious With A Friend Or 22‘ then use only the first letters of each word, add a symbol or two (hyphen, dash, slash, asterisk, question mark, etc..),  and a number.


Additionally you can mix the upper and lower case letters in any way you choose and add more symbols to make it even harder to decipher your personal password.


The trick is to make your password as unique as possible. Avoid using sensitive information and well known words or phrases. The more variety the better and adding numbers and symbols will triple your password’s strength. Avoid tell-tale wording such as “my password” or your phone number and sequential numbers such as 1234 and 9876. Try to make the phrase something you will remember and practice it a few times. Make it as long or short as you like but bear in mind most passwords under 6 characters offer moderate protection at best. Until you get used to your new password you may want to keep a cheat sheet for yourself in a desk drawer or a text file in your music folder. You do not want to label such as “PASSWORD” or keep it with your other documents. Why make it easy for a hacker if your computer becomes compromised.

Orange Monkeys Like 2 Buy Blue Bananas At Night Not At 3:00 Or 999.


As you can easily see it is not very hard to make and remember a quite sophisticated password. The more you use it and say it to yourself the easier it becomes to remember and you can always add more to it or move parts around to make it even more of a challenge for bad doers to hack.

Orange Monkeys Like 2 Buy Blue Bananas At Night Not At 3:00 Or 999 And With 43 Of Their Grape-Ape Friends.*


Orange Monkeys Like 2 Buy Blue Bananas With 43 Of Their Grape-Ape Friends At Night Not At 3:00 Or 999.*


Your next move is to change your added security questions and check carefully all your other personal information. The hackers may change information to enable them to be able to gain access to your account even if you change your password and security questions so double-check all of your personal information and associated email accounts carefully. The last thing you should do is notify the email carrier about the compromise to your account information and the fact that you have changed your password and security questions and answers, and verified all your personal and contact information is correct.

Think before you click. Be careful of where you use other accounts to sign in. There are many websites that can become compromised easily and you could end up signing into a bogus website that will save your information for a hacking to occur later. I find it is rather convenient to be able to use my Facebook, Twitter or MSN account to sign into an account on another website but I have found that it is much safer for me to simply try to sign in without the convenient aid of these applications. As with any technology the applications that have the potential to make our lives simpler also have the potential to do harm. Be aware and be safe.

Copyrights and the Internet

15 03 2013

You are surfing the web and see an image you consider quite funny or an amazingly beautiful sunset and want to share it in your social media. You click and add the image to your Facebook account feeling quite proud of yourself having shared the imagery with all your friends and probably their friends as well. Did you think that perhaps that image sharing could equal copyright infringement? No way. Everyone does it and you may have even seen the very same image on other social media accounts or in blogs. None of that negates copyright law.

Try using the defense “Everyone does it” in court and see what happens. Just as your mother should have warned you ‘just because everyone does it does not mean you have to’. The blog author may have requested permission and properly credited the image creator. The social media users are not good role models when you are considering copyright laws. Social medias have lulled us into the misguided notion that anything goes online. If it is online it is up for grabs. You could not be more wrong. Just because content appears on the internet or shows up in your Google search does not make it free to use.

Once a work is created, be it an image, graphic, photograph, article or blog, it is automatically considered copy written by the creator. That means that the creator owns that piece of work. If you copy the work and use it without permission you are stealing the work from the creator and you can be sued for such actions. Not only big corporations are seeking litigation against copyright infringers. Imagine that you worked hard to create a beautiful cake for your birthday or you drove to a cake shop and purchased one  and your neighbor runs into your home and takes it. Such an action is theft and is against our laws. You would feel bad having your beautiful cake stolen and would most likely want justice. The neighbor broke the law and you can sue them for the infraction that has injured you. This is the way copyright law works as well. If you did not create it or purchase the right to use the work then it is not yours to use. Violating this law will leave you wide open to a lawsuit. In this time of everyone suing everyone for everything under the sun do you really want to open yourself up to being sued for illegally using content online that is not yours?

There is one exception here called the public domain. If a work is placed within the public domain by the original creator or a person that has purchased all rights to the work the public is allowed to use that work. You do not need to credit the creator or offer a link to the content and you can use it for just about any legal activity you please. If the work was not placed within the public domain by the creator or one holding the legal rights to do so you may still be subject to litigation and bear the burden of proving that you could not possibly have known of the illegal placement of the work within the public domain. The public domain designation is not designed to absolve you of responsibility to act in a knowledgeable manner. If you have seen the work elsewhere under another license it is safe to assume that the identical work within the public domain is not legally placed there.

Many internet users feel that by placing their derivative work of an illegally obtained copy written work into the public domain and/or posting a link to the original creator’s work they are absolved of all responsibility for illegally using the original copy written work. You may even think you are doing the creator a favor by creating more exposure for their work. It simply does not work that way. You are doing no one any favors, least of all yourself. You can still be sued for copyright infringement. The work was not yours to use and you had no permission to use it in any manner. Well, if I am not making a profit from the use of the work then it is okay to use it. No. Just because you are not making a profit from the use of an illegally obtained work does not mean you do not need to have the creator’s permission to use the work. If it is not yours and you do not legally own the work then you cannot legally use it without permission in any manner. You must have the copyright holder’s permission to use the work. Well, if I use the work and then put it in the public domain then it is alright. No again. First off you had no permission to use the work. Secondly you have no right to submit the work into the public domain as you did not create it and do not own the copyrights. This would be compounding your error and we all know that two wrongs do not make a right.

When in doubt you should always make an attempt to contact the creator and ask for permission before using anything that is not yours. If you cannot contact the creator then you should not use the work. Yes, I know. You had your heart set on that piece and are so disappointed but are you a thief? I hate to be the one to tell you but if you use internet content that is not yours without permission you are a thief. What type of example are you setting for your children? Do you not teach them that stealing is wrong? How would you feel if your things were stolen? Would you not want to call the police and file a report? What if you could never get your things back? What if these stolen items were damaged how would you feel then? You should always consider the other person and their feelings. Anything does not go on the internet.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that you hold the key of anonymity online. Oh sure you use a screen name and you may even use an email under a false identity but you can be tracked down quite easily through your IP address and your internet service provider (ISP) will voluntarily assist when you have participated in copyright infringement violations. There is a right way and a wrong way to use online content. Hopefully now you know the right way is to obtain permission. Don’t be afraid to ask to use something, the worst that can happen is you will not be allowed to use it. There is no harm in asking and from experience I can say your odds are much better than 50/50 as most creators welcome the opportunity to share, they just want to be shown a bit of respect and asked for permission.

Icons and Cursors

13 02 2013

Looking for new icons or cursors? I know the perfect place for you to go. Most are free to use for personal and non-profit endeavors and many are donated to the public domain. Yes, I am speaking of professional quality icon and cursor sets. Even the instructions on how to use these items can be found all in one place. Check out some of the high quality creative work being uploaded, download your selections for free, visit the how to pages and then find out how you can create these items with the easiest to use software around! You will never know what you are missing if you do not visit RW Graphics!

Don’t just take my word for it, view the gallery and take a look at these items created with RW Software!
Click on any image to view the set.


Dalek   Eggonpan    Knight-black
heart2    lipstick   Lollipops

Blue Peace Sign     Smiley Button    Music Note

soccer-ball   piggy-bank   soccer-whistle

RW logo   PowerPoint   GlassExcel


BlueGlass Cursors  Red Radar Cursors GreenTrim Animated Cursors   Doodle Cursors  Windows Bubble Cursors  Christmas CursorsStix Cursors

RW Designer

9 02 2013

rw-designer.comI would like to introduce you to Real World Graphics. In existence since 2006, Real World Graphics serves as the website for a wonderful collection of easy to use graphic software, desktop tools and online tools as well as a repository for artist’s creations with a forum where all topics related to the software and creation of artwork are to be found.

Ever get bored with your pc experience? You go to the computer and find that you are totally uninspired by what you find there. Same old stuff. So you look at your desktop wallpaper and decide that maybe a change is needed. You fumble around until you locate the means by which to change your desktop wallpaper imagery and thumb through all your options, no doubt many of which you have used before, but none seem to catch your eye. After trying a few out you decide to venture online to search for the perfect image to decorate your desktop.

The choices are limitless, finding the perfect one is a daunting task. After an hour (or hours) of searching you find that perfect desktop wallpaper and apply it. Yay! Something new! You are delighted with your newly found wallpaper and bask in the glow for several minutes. You have made your old pc so much more delightful and pleasant to use now, surely you will adore the time you spend at the computer now.

Remember back before you knew how to change your desktop wallpaper? You were clueless and fearful that you would mess it up. What if you could change other things on your personal computer? Customize it so that it is unlike any other pc around? What if you could change your icons? What if you could change your cursor set? Well my fellow world-wide web traveler you can!

What’s that? Change icons and cursors? You may be thinking that there is no way you could do that, it’s too complicated, you will mess it up and ruin your personal computer. Dismiss all those thoughts, none are further from the truth. You can customize your pc or laptop in these areas simply, quickly, painlessly and repeatedly as often as you desire!

The RW Designer website allows you to browse their gallery for your own perfect combination of customization, download for free and shows you how to implement your choices with step by step instructions! This is truly an easy task, children are doing it! Just imagine your tired old pc or laptop with new life and vigor! Imagine being delighted with wonderful exciting inspiring new imagery and the pride of knowing you did it all by yourself! Show your friends and watch how quickly they become amazed at your pc skills! Share with them how you did it and they will be eternally grateful!

Still don’t believe you can do it? Think you will have to study pages and pages of text articles before you can even think of changing something so complicated? It really is not so complicated and it is only scary when you don’t know how to do it. RW Designer’s founder and software author creator Vlastimil Miléř has an array of video tutorials and will walk you through everything with step by step instruction. Think you will still need more help than that? Need a goto person, someone to hold your hand a bit tighter? The forum is filled with very knowledgeable users that would be glad to assist you with any question you may have.

Alas, no more boring pc’s and laptops! As easy as 1-2-3! With the wide array of user creations available it’s a snap! Ah, but you desire something even more original and unique. Consider trying the graphic software and creating your own masterpieces! All of the easy to master graphic software applications are offered free to try for 30 days! Join the website by registering to show off your works of art or comment and rate others’ work to earn buttons which you can submit for neat prizes like a license voucher for RealWorld Photos Standard Edition, RealWorld Icon Editor Standard Edition, or RealWorld Photos Professional Edition!

With all these graphic software applications and online tools at hand there is no limit to what you can create! Stop by RW Designer today and be creative!


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